Friday, 22 March 2013



The many benefits of drinking water with an Eco by Tupperware product go beyond maintaining good health. Tupperware also helps you save money, organize your life and protect the planet from unnecessary pollution.

Enhance your health

Drinking water is critical to remaining happy, healthy and hydrated. Using Tupperware water products makes it easy to keep water with you so you remember to reach the 2 L recommended daily water intake.
What are some of the benefits of drinking water?

  • Water regulates our body temperature and eliminates toxins.
  • Water maintains stamina and reduces fatigue.
  • Water affects performances positively. Conversely, when dehydrated at 2%, one functions only at 90% of his or her capacity.
  • Water decreases appetite and helps burn fat.

Better Organization

Using Tupperware products helps save space and time to better organize your life.
  • Save space by not having to store disposable water bottles in your pantry, garage or basement.
  • Save space in your refrigerator and keep it organized. Refill your Tupperware products instead of storing many disposable bottles.
  • Save time grocery shopping.
  • Save time carrying disposable water bottles home.

Save Money

Save up to $1,000 per person per year by using Tupperware water products, compared to purchasing disposable water bottles. The water you will drink will be as good if not better than bottled water.
  • Refilling your Tupperware water solutions with tap water is considerably less expensive than buying disposable bottles.
  • According to a four-year study conducted by the NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council), one third of disposable water bottles tested contained levels of contamination which exceeded allowable limits.
  • Save gas money on your trips to purchase water.

Protect The Environment

Refill your Tupperware water solution instead of purchasing disposable water bottles.
  • More than 85% of disposable water bottles are not recycled. In the U.S. alone, over 30 billion are dumped in landfills each year.
  • Disposable water bottles take an estimated 1,000 years to biodegrade.
  • Producing that many disposable water bottles every year increases the Greenhouse Effect. Indeed, transporting these bottles also involves burning massive amounts of fossil fuels.
  • It takes 2,000 times more energy to produce bottled water than tap water.

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